How To Make Coffee In A Percolator Electric In The Right Way

 how to make coffee in a percolator electric

How To Make Coffee In A Percolator Electric In The Right Way

Making coffee in a percolator electric is the right way to start your day. This method of brewing coffee is simple and easy, and it yields a rich and full-flavored cup of coffee. When you make coffee in a percolator electric, you have complete control over the strength and flavor of your brew. The process is quick and efficient, so you can have a delicious cup of coffee in no time.

Finding how to make coffee in a percolator electric? Come with us! Coffee is a drink, good coffee is culture. From past to present, the morning cup of coffee has become an indispensable cultural feature of people all over the world, from the popular to the upper class. 

Coffee machines are very convenient whether at home or in the office. Every time you want to enjoy delicious coffee, you will not need to spend the cost of the store. Therefore, how to learn to brew coffee by machine is also very important. Understand that coffee is an indispensable drink. We hope that you will have the best experience without having to spend time visiting the store.

Therefore, the above drinks are also processed differently with many different methods. We hope that you will have the best experience while enjoying coffee. One cup of coffee every morning can make you more alert and work better, it has been proven by users. We hope you will have a great experience with your coffee machine, making you happier in the future. 

Each different land, each different culture has a different way of enjoying coffee, and the taste in each cup of coffee is different in each place. Living in a certain land, the most interesting way is to sit down and make a cup of coffee with them. A good coffee machine can be enough for your family. Learn how to make coffee exactly to have moments of relaxation and enjoy the delicious taste of coffee.

These practical experiences will help us understand more and learn a lot more things that no other books can teach. Here are the 20 most delicious and famous coffees around the world in the same way. Enjoy their immense originality.

Every morning you enjoy coffee before going to work, every evening you gather with friends to chat with a cup of small coffee. What factors must a good cup of coffee guarantee? Feeling the taste of bitter coffee drops mixed with the aroma is an art.

Before making a cup of cafe, prepare some materials you will need to do that:

  • Sugar
  • Cafe
  • A percolator electric

In the topic today, we will let you know how to make coffee in a percolator electric

  • Things you will need when make coffee in a percolator electric
  • Some tips before make coffee in a percolator electric
  • Steps to make coffee in a percolator electric
  • Q&A
  • Conclusion

Things you will need when make coffee in a percolator electric

Clean, fresh combined with a balance of mild aroma, sour, bitter taste and natural sweetness are the key factors to create a delicious cup of coffee. Depending on the taste of each person, we enjoy and value the deliciousness with different intensity and taste.

Nothing is as wonderful as rewarding a cup of pure coffee and enjoying its great taste. For those who live and work with coffee every day, good coffee must come from a source of quality raw materials, successful seasons to a meticulous and technical preliminary process, especially. The roasting process will help you to arouse the existing flavors in the beans. Want to know the real taste in your daily cup of coffee, do not ignore the useful information that we share in this article.

According to research, coffee is a very healthy drink. Coffee contains antioxidants and many important nutrients for the body. Therefore, people now start their day with a cup of coffee. Drinking a cup of coffee in the morning 1 hour before work will help optimize your work efficiency a lot. But be careful not to drink too much as caffeine can make you drunk and counterproduce it.

Believe it or not, black coffee helps burn fat. Drinking a small amount of black coffee evenly every day will help you lose weight effectively. But remember that coffee is black and no sugar, no milk. It can be difficult to drink at first, so you can gradually lower your sugar until you can completely drink black coffee.

One study also showed that drinking coffee evenly helps reduce the incidence of prostate cancer in the wings by up to 20% and endometrial cancer in women by 25%. The survey participants drank one cup of coffee a day.

The caffeine in coffee reduces the sensitivity of insulin in your body. This is the active ingredient that contributes to type 2 diabetes.

However, coffee is also a drink that is harmful to your health if you are overused. Improper drinking of coffee will make you nervous, fast heartbeat, increase blood pressure and cause insomnia. Therefore, you should drink coffee with a sufficient amount each day to ensure safety for your health.

Drinking coffee in the morning brings a lot of health benefits. One of the greatest benefits is brain boosting and mental alertness. However, is it really good to drink coffee in the morning?

Currently, there are many people who have the habit of drinking coffee right after waking up or not having breakfast. This is a bad habit that you should eliminate. Instead of keeping the body awake, this harmful habit will make the body feel tired, anxious, have a faster heart rate and negatively affect the stomach.

When drinking coffee on an empty stomach, the amount of caffeine stimulates the secretion of gastric juice. So when drinking coffee when hungry, the mucosa will be damaged, especially those suffering from stomach diseases.

Therefore, everyone should focus on choosing the appropriate coffee drinking time. The best time to enjoy a cup of coffee is 1-2 hours after breakfast. Coffee gradually becomes an indispensable drink for many people before starting a new working day. A cup of coffee in the morning will help you stay awake and increase your ability to focus on work. A study at John Hopkins University shows that drinking coffee can help boost memory for at least 24 hours.

Besides, enjoying coffee in the morning also helps to increase blood circulation. From there, more oxygen is transported to nourish the muscles. And yet, drinking coffee in the morning before exercising for about 1 hour will help reduce aches and pains.

Morning coffee drink with weight loss? The answer is yes. But in fact, coffee is just a support drink, not a total weight loss solution. According to research, the amount of caffeine in coffee will convert fatty acids in the body into energy that is easy to consume. Therefore, coffee will burn fat and help eliminate toxins from the body.

You can drink coffee at many times of the day. However, for maximum calorie burning, you should have coffee in the morning. Ideally, you should drink coffee about 1 hour after waking up and after breakfast to avoid affecting the production of cortisol in the blood.

So is it good to drink coffee in the morning? The above article has helped you to answer the question. If you are a follower of coffee, do not forget to drink coffee after breakfast for your health!

How coffee works and affects health is a concern that people pay special attention to in the long run and up to now. In 17th century Europe, coffee was identified to aid digestion and treat gout, however problems of impotence (in men) and paralysis caused one-off coffee. another is placed on the scale.

In fact, studies have shown that people who don’t drink coffee regularly, the amount of caffeine in two cups of coffee increases blood pressure by 2 – 3 mm Hg, a relatively small change. Those who drink coffee regularly, this phenomenon does not occur, which means that coffee does not have a major effect on blood pressure problems.

The active ingredient in coffee is caffeine, which will affect the central nervous system and create a feeling of euphoria by creating a slight increase in heart rate when you enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning. This slight increase has no lasting effects and is only temporary, so drinking a cup or two of coffee a day, one after breakfast and one after a nap will help you avoid fatigue. tired, sluggish at work.

Before the news that coffee was the cause of the initial manifestations of obstructive disease in the arteries of the heart, the answer was “yes”. However, the risk of coffee causing a heart attack is very small, and only occurs in a few people who are crazy about coffee or are genetically dependent. Boiled but not carefully filtered coffee, containing oil can increase LDL cholesterol plaque, and also contribute to the development of coronary heart disease that you need to pay attention to.

Some tips before make coffee in a percolator electric

If you add sweeteners, creams, you should consider the calorie content, fat percentage to ensure with the diet. In order to suit the tastes and health status of many consumers, the market has a type of coffee that takes down or depletes caffeine. 

Caffeine has a stimulating effect that increases gastric acid secretion, so, avoid drinking coffee on an empty stomach to protect the stomach lining, especially those who are already weak in the stomach. Only drinking coffee in the morning without eating breakfast is also harmful to health. Caffeine can interact with some ingredients in drugs that lose the effect of sedatives, or quinolone antibiotics … should pay attention to avoid sharing coffee with drugs.

Choice of coffee beans

Making coffee by machine is gradually becoming popular, especially with office workers or using coffee to help the spirit feel comfortable and focused at work. However, not everyone knows how to make a hot cup of coffee with the best taste. The following are notes when making coffee with a machine to contribute to making your coffee drinking preferences more wonderful.

One of the notes when making coffee with a machine is the careful selection of coffee beans. Coffee beans need to be pure because impurities or butter will stick to the filter, making it difficult for the coffee to flow and reducing the flavor of the coffee cup. To do this you need to have certain knowledge about coffee beans, which will help you have a delicious cup of coffee more easily.

When using a coffee maker, you should choose pure coffee that is both safe for health, and prolongs the life of the coffee machine, helping the machine to make a delicious cup of coffee. Contaminating coffees such as coffee with added butter will cause the machine to spoil quickly and the taste of the coffee will not taste good, as butter will cling and the filters block the filter holes.

In addition, when the coffee is old, you should change to new coffee because the coffee is left for a long time under the influence of air and the light of flavor will fade.

Coffee-making water

If you think any kind of water can make coffee, that’s a big mistake. The brewing water needs to be pure, free of impurities. These substances will linger in the pump system, boiler, … easily lead to damage and cost a lot of repair.

If you want to have the right quality cup of coffee when using the coffee maker, you also need to pay attention to the water source when you put it in the machine. You should use water that has passed the system to clean impurities, lime scale so your coffee will be delicious. Today, the market has a lot of water purifiers for you to choose from. Use clean, filtered water to help protect your health and make foods and beverages taste better.

Clean the spreader clean

A properly delicious cup of Cappuccino or Latte will not lack the foam on top. But many people accidentally forget about cleaning and cleaning, but taking out the device to use immediately has a direct impact on the health and taste of the coffee cup.

Coffee pipeline

Not only the coffee pipe and all other parts of the machine need to be cleaned as well. After you make 5 to 10 cups of milk tea, do you need to check whether the coffee pipe has too much coffee? If the level is relative, you should clean the pipes immediately, avoiding interference with the following cups of coffee.

Cleaning Brew Group

After a day of operation, you should rest and properly clean Brew Group and other parts. Coffee powder often stays in the Brew Group a lot, so please clean it regularly. Above are 5 notes you need to know when using a coffee machine to help you have more knowledge to create coffee cups that achieve all 3 elements of aroma, color and flavor. Now you find creating a delicious cup of coffee is very simple, right?

Coffee is the elegant drink of many people today. The delicious and rich taste that coffee brings always makes people feel comfortable. Therefore, on the market there are many different types of coffee machines to serve your needs of enjoying coffee. In the article below we will give some important notes when using a coffee machine that everyone should know.

Types of coffee machines on the market

The most popular coffee machines known to many people include two popular and popular types of coffee makers and semi-automatic coffee machines. It automatically creates a delicious cup of coffee for you to enjoy with just a few simple steps. 

With the automatic coffee maker, just a few simple steps can easily create a delicious cup of coffee. This type of coffee maker will programmatically follow the remaining 50% thanks to human abilities. With this coffee machine you will be able to make your own cup of coffee according to your taste and taste.

Both automatic or semi-automatic coffee machines give us a delicious and delicious coffee flavor and save everyone’s time. Moreover, it also helps us to save costs, save materials and save electricity when we don’t have to heat water to make coffee like in the old days.

This machine has a brewing technique similar to that of traditional filter brewing. You need to put the coffee in the filter and put the cold water in the machine’s own storage tank and press the button and wait for the water to boil. Coffee will flow through the filter, retain the flour and flow down the water bottle that comes with the machine. This machine has advantages such as simple design, high yield of pure black coffee, and saving time.

Notes when using the coffee maker

With any type of machine we also need to preserve, clean and care carefully for the long-term durability of these products. 

To maintain the machine well when using it requires conscious users to regularly clean the machine. Do not let the machine get clogged or get caught in any obstructions. Do not overuse using the machine over the specified capacity, avoid falling on the product.

With the development of society like today, it is not too strange for a coffee shop to own a professional coffee machine. Although you are too familiar with the method of brewing coffee from a long time, it is not so that the way to prepare coffee by machine can not promote its features to create a rich cup of coffee.

Use purified water

Pure water without impurities like bottled water is always the choice in how to prepare coffee by machine. Like choosing quality coffee, choosing pure water without detergents like chlorine, fluorine … helps you not only preserve the dispenser for a long time but also ensure the taste of the coffee.

Because you choose quality coffee, you do not regret the amount of coffee when you use it

Both with the media preparation method or in how to prepare coffee by machine, it is best to use 2 teaspoons and 200 ml of water. Never make coffee diluted because you add too much water while less coffee.

Depending on your coffee making needs for how many people, you can choose the right capacity for the machine. The most flexible type of machine is the one that can make 8-12 cups, can serve the needs of the crowd but can also be adjusted down to 4 cups. You can also choose a machine that can only brew 1 cup / time if you do not need to use much.

Adjust the temperature accordingly

Cold water will make the coffee bland, but too hot will make the coffee bitter. Advantages in how to brew coffee by machine, you can adjust the temperature to the most accurate level to brew.

Let’s study the coffee flavors that are suitable for preparing coffee by machine.

It’s a pity if you intend to invest in a machine just for the needs of a cup of milk coffee or black coffee. Try using this brewing machine to make a variety of coffee cups with different flavors and styles. There are many ways to prepare coffee that you can easily make with your reference. 

Steps to make coffee in a percolator electric

Currently, the way to make coffee by machine is very popular. Because it provides convenience and ensures the uniform quality of coffee cups. However, brewing by machine how to get a cup of fragrant coffee is actually not difficult.

Making coffee by filter depends on many factors such as the fineness of the coffee, the water source used, the temperature of the water, the compressive force, so the quality of the coffee cup is often unstable. In order to overcome the above problems, the way to make coffee with a delicious machine is applied. And when prepared by machine, the coffee is guaranteed of uniform quality, and even has a more delicious taste than filter coffee.

The coffee maker controls all the elements required to create coffee cups such as the amount of coffee, the water temperature, the time it is brewed, and keeps them at a stable level. So the created coffee always meets the standard of taste.

The way to make coffee with a coffee machine is favored by many Barista in the world. In addition to the above benefits, this is also how the Barista expresses their creativity through the special coffee cup.

However, to make a delicious cup of coffee and prepare it by machine, it takes the connection of many things. From ingredients, recipe, to mixing, manipulation, … Therefore, you must learn about how to do it comprehensively before you practice. Especially to have to know the basic principles of making coffee by machine.

Step 1: Start the coffee machine

One of the basic rules of using a coffee machine is to preheat the boiler. So, before using your coffee machine, you should start it up 20-30 minutes in advance.

The coffee machine will be ready to use when the temperature is at 85 – 92 degrees C. The pressure level will be about 8.3 – 9.3 bar.

Step 2: Tamper compression technique

Put the pure coffee powder prepared into the handle, gently brush the surface. Then use tamper to compress the coffee with moderate force. Note that don’t compress too tightly! After compressing, wipe off excess coffee powder.

The coffee machine is one of the greatest inventions of man. The original idea for the invention of the coffee machine was to help people get a delicious cup of coffee that saves time, not as long as brewing with caffeine.

The time for a cup of coffee to make a machine is only about 1-2 minutes; Many times faster than 10-15 minutes for a cup of coffee. A lot of people take time off from that little. But for many others, that time is extremely important.

Step 3: Clean the water line, throat phase

Test the mixing button for boiling water, the purpose is to clean the mixing throat. Then, attach the handle to the machine and screw it on tightly.

With the basic steps of using, anyone can make their own delicious coffee. Basic steps on how to make coffee with a machine are guided below the article.

For those who have time to enjoy coffee, choosing to make a machine or make a filter is not very important. As for people who are busy at work, having a good cup of coffee, the faster the better.

In the world today there are many brands and brands of coffee makers. The direction of brands is also different. Having a brand is only aimed at serving luxury customers with high-end coffee machines. There are also many companies targeting customers who are office people, small cafes, the machine will have a streamlined design and save space.

Step 4: Make coffee

Place the cup below, press the brew button and wait for the coffee extract. Extraction time is about 22-25s. You will get about 30-35ml of pure coffee. This is an intangible benefit of coffee makers for business units. 

Entering a cafe, customers will easily feel the luxury with just a glance at the coffee machine located in the preparation area. Of course, this area has to design and place a coffee maker as a highlight. And unconsciously, customers will feel the safety and peace of mind if they see firsthand how Barista makes his coffee. From the process of grinding coffee into powder, to the operation of using a coffee maker. Then there is a delicious cup of pure coffee.

The difference between Cappuccino and Espresso is that it has milk and a foam layer.

Add 80ml of fresh milk and white sugar to the shift and place under the whisk. Technique: hold the shift upright, place the nozzle at an angle of 30 degrees from the surface of the milk. The nozzle is about 1-2cm from the bottom of the cup, not touching the bottom. 

Turn on the spout and hold the shift to allow the foam to rise. The milk temperature is about 40 degrees and the foam layer is twice as high as the original milk.

Once you have started brushing, you must perform a hose cleaning immediately. This will prevent the milk from clumping in the spool and getting ready for the next hit. You just need to steam to clean the hose and use a clean cloth.

Step 5: Create a foam shape

Depending on the skill and creativity of each person, creating milk foam for Cappuccino coffee. Just tilt the milk foam, pour gently into the coffee cup to shape.


Is it difficult to make coffee by machine?

It’s not too hard if you know how to make coffee by machine in the right way

How often should I clean the coffee machine?

The process of cleaning the machine is equally important, because it directly affects the taste of coffee. Immediately after using the machine, you need to keep it running with water for cleaning. Frequency of cleaning at least 1 time / week with vinegar or cleaning solution to completely remove coffee residue in the machine.


Above is how to make coffee with a coffee machine as well as its benefits. Hopefully the above sharing has helped you understand and gain new knowledge and experiences. With practical benefits, you should choose how to use the machine versus the filter. Currently, the price of coffee machines is also very diverse, cheap for home or office. There is also a premium coffee maker available for a great value. And we recommend that you do some research, or even take a course on how to use the machine.

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